Some Other People Groo Has Encountered

King Battu

The evil tyrant from
The Life of Groo, who cursed Groo's poor father. And I guess we all know how well that curse worked.


The girl Groo wed in
Epic #42. I guess they didn't get legally wed, as the minister was one of Granny Groo's gipsy friends. Something Groo should be grateful for :-)


This guy looks like Buruaw from the slave-story in
Epic #5.

Enano's Men

King Enano's guards from
Epic #26. One of Groo's first painful meetings with Arba and Dakarba.

The Gods

This is a collection of the Gods that debated over which of their champion was the greatest. This four-issue story was published in
Epic #96 though Epic #99.

The Gorditos

An army of little guys who terrorized villages by using a huge lizard thing called The Gordosa. From
Epic #11.


The fat slaver from
The Life of Groo.

Groo's Parents

Groo's dear parents. Imagine raising a son like Groo! Now there's a real challenge. Also from
The Life of Groo.

The Kantors

Epic #8 Groo and Taranto tried to find the hidden trasure of the Kantors, only to find out that the Kantors themself was guarding it.

King Kohon

One of the unfortunate kings in
Epic #27. Don't they EVER learn not to hire Groo.

King Krag

The King from
The Death of Groo. The poor guy though he finally had gotten rid of Groo, but as we all know; Groo was not dead. The Floom-Floom did kill King Krag though.

The Mocosa

The Al Jaffee look-alike guy from
Epic #2. Nice haircut.

The Mombukulas

One of the warriors in the Mombukulas tribe Groo fought against in
Epic #7.

The Monks of Monjes

Epic #79 Groo, in search of food, met a group of monks. These monks turned out to be evil, and Groo, of course, was going to kill them. The only problem was that he triggered a big war instead.


This guy was actually seeking Groo in order to him. He found Groo without knowing it, and when he finally realized he'd found Groo, he did two things wrong. You DON'T EVER laugh at Groo and turn your back towards him at the same time. The last time Odoman was seen was in
Epic #91.

The Peludos

These are the hairy little creatures protecting Thaiis in the forest. Appeared in
Epic #80 and the three following issues.

Phantom Guard

One of the Phantom Guards Groo and the others encountered while on the quest for the Starburst Sapphire in
Epic #47.


Rufferto's fondest wish has always been to be closer to Groo, and fight side-by-side his master. When a gnome granted Rufferto his wish, he became Rufferto-Man. But Rufferto soon found out that being a man had it's disadvantages, so he managed to reverse his wish again. (
Epic #77)

The Sirenas

Groo and Chakaal had an encounter with this group of warrior women in the
50th issue. Finally Sergio got an excuse to hire a bunch of models to model for him.


The one person who ever got Groo to blush. Sylva is the maid from
The Death of Groo. Also one of the few people ever to like Groo. Unfortunately Groo has never met her again.

One of Taranto's Men

This guy is in Taranto's horde. Taranto seems to have a new group of people with him in each story.

King Witt

The King from the Kantor story. (
Epic #8)

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