How to check if you already have "Comic Sans MS" installed:

Below are two lines of text. If these two lines are identical, you'll have to download the font and install it before you enter this Web-Site.

But if you see two different fonts, you are all set to Enter the amazing world of Groo the Wanderer!

The Norwegian Groo Page

The Norwegian Groo Page

How to install the font in Microsoft Windows:

  1. Download the font: (comic.ttf)
  2. Open your "Control Panel" or similar, locate your "Fonts" icon, and open the "Fonts" folder.
  3. Select "Install new font" from the menu, and browse to the location where you downloaded the Font. Choose to install "Comic Sans MS".
  4. Restart your Web-browser, and then re-load this Page. You can now look at the two lines above again, to verify that the font was installed ok.
  5. Then your all ready to enjoy "The Norwegian Groo Page" and the amazing world of Sergio Aragonés' Groo the Wanderer!

© The Norwegian Groo Page - - Ronny Hansen