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July 28, 2009.

A new mini-series called The Hogs of Horder will start October 28 from Dark Horse.

May 16, 2009.

New collection from Dark Horse, The Groo Treasury, is scheduled for November 25, 2009. This 336 page TPB will include the pre-Epic stories.

The Groo crew are also working on a new four-part series called THE HOGS OF HORDER, Scheduled for an October release. More info to come.

September 12, 2007.

The Groo 25th Anniversary Special is now out. Be sure to pick up a copy or five. Here are some info on the issue.

July 1, 2007.


Dark Horse will publish a Groo 25th Anniversary Special on September 12th 2007, followed by an all new mini series, "Groo: Hell on Earth". A four-parter beginning in October. Be sure to preorder your copies now!

July 15, 2005.

The Norwegian Groo Page has moved to a new domain: !

How's that for a "Pal'n'Drumm" ;)

August 19, 2002.
The long awaited The Death & Life of Groo Limited Hardcover Book is finally on the marked. You should be able to order it from Graphitti Designs or your local comic shop. But remember it's a limited edition of only 1000 copies. Retail price is US$ 59.95

The previously announced Groo PVC Set has been put back to the end of August. The latest info from Dark Horse indicates a release on August 28.

January 19, 2002.
Dark Horse recently announced the release of a Groo PVC Set. Contains six Groo Characters and will be released on June 26.

There are also finally some news about the HardCover edition of The Death And Life Of Groo. Graphitti Designs hope to be able to release the limited edition book in March.

August 25, 2000.

Finally added the latest Dark Horse Comics to the site. My listings should now be up-to-date.

July 22, 1999.

An update in The Character Gallery. Click on the equipment/clothing of the featured Characters to load a small new window with info about the selected item. Only Groo is finished at the moment, but the rest of the gang will follow shortly.

Also found a new Hidden Message; in The Death of Groo.

July 20, 1999.

Great news for all you German Groopers out there. Today the German Edition of "The Most Intelligent Man in the World" (Collecting the first Groo mini-series from Dark Horse) was published. It's called "Groo: Der Intelligenteste Mann der Welt", and has a coverprice of DM 16.90.

July 18, 1999.

Redone all the left-side menus. Now all menupages on the Site should be viewable to all screen resolutions down to 800x600 pixels.

July 15, 1999.

Added every single one of The Sage's Quotes to the Site. Quite a time consuming task, but I think it was worth the trouble :-)
The Quotes can be found on the Review page of the issue The Sage story was printed in. For a complete list over The Sage stories, visit the Character Gallery.

July 14, 1999.

Corrected some small errors ( Did I Err? ) on the page.
Also wish to thank all the good friends on The Groop for troubleshooting the new Site, and of course Tore Eskeland a.k.á Lord Khamul for helping me give the Site it's much needed facelift.

"Thank you very much, everyone!" - Ronny Hansen.

July 12, 1999.

Have given 'The Norwegian Groo Page' a little facelift, with new menues and some more artwork. All feedback on the new layout are appreciated!

July 5, 1999.

Added some new information to the International Groo Section. Along with pictures from different foreign Groo's, I have included information about Turkish and Malaysian Groo. Still have were little information abut the latest two countries, so I would really appreciate all help.

June 21, 1999.

Added the new publications from Dark Horse. These include 'The Groo Houndbook' (Dark Horse is continuing to publish the paperbacks Marvel/Epic began.) and 'The Groo Inferno' (To be published in Oct'99)

Li'l Groo will appear in a 8 page story in Dark Horse Presents Annual: DHP Jr. (To be published in Aug'99), and last, but not least, Dark Horse will make a 'Groo Lunch Box'. This unusual Groo item will be released Nov 10, 1999, and will have a cover price of US$19.95.

March 30, 1999.

Have signed up with a new URL redirector. The new URL will be: This sevice is made available by CJB-NET.

March 24, 1999.
Added a Banner section. Although there is just one Banner ready, I'm currently working on making more, in different sizes and shapes.

March 22, 1999.
Added the first issues of the second mini-series of Groo & Rufferto from Dark Horse.

March 20, 1999.
It's been a while since I've updated the site now. I apologize for this, and promise the site will get a long-needed update now.

As many of you already know, The new mini-series with "GROO AND RUFFERTO" are out now from Dark Horse. New pages with info on the mini-series will be made A.S.A.P.

Added a new GuestBook from Dreambook. The old GuestBook from Guest World was just too slow and had to much "down-time". You can still read the entries from the Old Book here.

December 2, 1998.
Corrected a small error in the Finnish Groo list. "Urho Epäonnensoturi #9" was never released. Did I err?

December 2, 1998.
The first Groo Paperback from Dark Horse was published today. It's called "Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World", and contains the first four Groo-issues. Other than that; all the Rufferto backcovers, intro by Mark, small reprints of the four covers, and a small "conversation" between Mark and Sergio.

August 9, 1998.
Updated The Character Info Section. Added a lot of pictures and information.

July 18, 1998.
Added the details for the fourth issue of the Dark Horse mini-series (The first one). Sorry about the delay.

July 14, 1998.
Mark Evanier announced the good news on The Groop today. There will be another four-issue mini-series from Dark Horse, featuring GROO AND RUFFERTO, with the emphasis on the spotted one. It's currently scheduled to be out in December '98. More precise info will be posted here as soon as it's verified.

And there are even more!
December 2, Dark Horse will release it's first GROO trade paperback, called GROO: THE MOST INTELLIGENT MAN IN THE WORLD. This is the collected version of the first Dark Horse GROO Mini-series. (112 pages, $9.95). It will have a new cover and a new foreword by M.E.

May 2, 1998.
Added pages for the three first issues from Dark Horse. The fourth will be added as soon as I get the issue. Also included the new hidden message from Dark Horse #2.

April 15, 1998.

The Norwegian Groo Page has moved

Had to change ISP a month ago, and also move my Groo Site. The new home will at the servers of
Scandinavia On-Line, with the following url:

This also means the feedback address has changed. The new E-mail address is:

April 14, 1998.
Discovered an unknown Groo issue published in Norway. (Semic's Billy #3/1991).

April 8, 1998.
Those of you who's visited my Site before might have noticed a little facelift on the Page today. I've been experimenting with different colorsettings, and think I've found one which will "light" up the pages a bit. I've used the Truetype Font " Comic Sans MS ". If you don't have this font installed, please download it, and the pages will look a lot nicer.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the new layout with other Web Browsers than MS Internet Explorer 4.0 yet, so if the pages appears "strange", please send me an E-mail with your browser information, and I'll check it.

Other than that, I hope you like the new look :-) Opinions, both positive and negative, are welcome.

April 7, 1998.
The Norwegian Groo Page received it's first award today. It was given the 5 Star Humor Site award from Humor Search.

April 6, 1998.
Added several new items to the "Groo-related Items" Page. Also a new page, which gives honor to all the people who have helped me with this page. (Friends of The Norwegian Groo Page)

April 1, 1998.
This is a long overdue update of the page. There are no major changes at this time, but will add pages for the new Groo mini-series, from Dark Horse, soon. Have added a page for Wizard #78, a four page short story, called the 'Groo and the Glut'.

March 31, 1998.
New and updated edition of *The Unofficial Sergiography*.

November 15, 1997.
I've included a page for the Danish Groo comics, "Groo Barbaren".

November 1, 1997.
I've now compiled info-pages for all the regular characters in the world of Aragonés. Drop by and with time you'll find pictures, details, and a complete listing over their appearances, including their first story.

October 8, 1997.
I've compiled a list over my Groo collection. You can find it here.

September 23, 1997.
Thanks to Mikko Pohjola, I now also have included Finnish Groo to the Page.

September 15, 1997.
With the help of Andreas 'MAD-Andy' Mueller, I've now included the German Groo comics to The Norwegian Groo Page.

September 4, 1997.

The Return of Groo ! ! !

Dark Horse will be the new Groo publisher!

"The next in the never-ending series of GROO first issues will ship January 27, 1998. This will be the first of a four-part mini-series. The cover price will be $2.95." -ME

Mark Evanier announced this on The Groop today. The mini-series will then be reprinted in a paperback edition soon after. If sales are at all decent, they'll do a series of these.

So all you Groo fans out there, buy at least five copies of each issue :-)

August 15, 1997.
Added a Guestbook to the Page. It's provided by LPage. You can find it on the Feedback Page.

August 14, 1997.
Thanks to the wonderful folks at "The Groop". I have now added the location of two "new" hidden messages. More details in Information Center.

Also compiled a list over the Groo comics in WIZARDS price guide. View the list.

July 2, 1997.
New and updated edition of *The Unofficial Sergiography*.
This Groo Site is from now of "The Official Site" for "The Unofficial Sergiography". This means all new editions will be posted to this site first.

February 27, 1997.

New Groo Tale ! ! !

Today Mark Evanier posted this message to "The Groop":

"This is just to let you all know that Sergio and I are doing a three-page GROO story for an upcoming issue of WIZARD. It hasn't been scheduled yet but as soon as we know when it's coming out, I will post that info here."-ME

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