*The Unofficial Sergiography*


  1. "Misc. Aragonés Work"
  2. "Groo The Wanderer"
  3. "MAD Magazine & Related"
  4. "TV/Movie Appearances"
  5. "Aragonés Related By Others"

*Asterisk denotes some information missing. Please fill it in for me!
@Ampersand denotes a minor or 'hidden' Groo appearance. See notes below.

Misc. Aragonés Work

* Ja Ja (1953, publisher?)
        Sergio's very first published appearance was for this Mexican funny
* Manana (1957?, publisher?)
        Sergio did 5 gags a week for his very own weekly page in this Mexican
Mothers Are Funnier Than Children (1964, Doubleday)
        By Betty Rollins. Aragones provided some artwork for this book.
Up Your Lexicon (1966, Kanrom)
        By John De Coursey. Illustrated by Sergio Aragones.
Henry, The Smiling Dog (1966, GP Putnam and Sons)
        By Henry Blankfort. Extensive artwork for this children's book.
Aunt's in Your Pants: Memoirs of a Dirty Old Woman (1967, Alexicon)
        Written and illustrated by Aragones.
Showcase #76 (Aug 1968, DC)
        First appearance of Bat Lash; plot.
Bat Lash #1, #3 - 7 (Nov 1968 - Nov 1969, DC)
        Plots (#2 credited to Cardy). Character sketches in #7.
Angel and the Ape #2, 4, 5 (1969, DC)
* poster (1970, publisher?)
        B&W Aragones' battle scene with castles and Spanish galleons.
* House of Mystery #185, 186, 190, 194 - 196, 199, 200, 202, 229, 251 (1970 -
        1977, DC)
        Mostly one page gag panels. Also, Aragones did border art for a one
        page diploma (issue #?) and illustrated a multipage story "The Poster
        Plague" (issue #202) which was the inspiration for Plop!.
Witching Hour #8 (April/May 1970, DC)
        Aragones was co-writer for six page Neal Adams story. Reprinted in
        Deadman: Reprint Series #4 (Aug 1985, DC)
In The Days of the Mob #1 (Fall 1971, DC)
        Two pages of gags, "Kill Joy Was Here".
Spirit World #1 (Fall 1971, DC)
        One page of gags, "Weird Humor".
DC Special #11 (Apr 1971, DC)
        Three pages of Plop!-type material, Aragones writer/artist.
House of Secrets #94, 96-98, 101-104, 107-108, 113, 117, 119, 121, 129-130,
        134, 139-140 (Nov 1971 - Mar 1976, DC)
        "Abel's Fables" one page pieces, Aragones writer/artist.
New York Comic Convention poster (1972, Phil Seuling)
        29"x 23", B&W on heavy, glossy stock. 23"x 23" illustration of a
        'typical' comic convention. Sergio is at the center of the crowd
        admiring a buxom, costumed Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.
All-Star Western #9-11 (Jan 1972 - May 1972, DC)
        #9 & 10 reprints from Bat Lash #6 parts 1 & 2 respectively; #11 has
        "El Diablo" story that Aragones co-wrote with Len Wien, and it
        reprints "Gray Morrow" sketch from Bat Lash #7 part 1.
Weird Western Tales #12, 20 (Jul 1972 - Dec 1973, DC)
        #12 has reprint of Bat Lash #7 part 2; in #20 Aragones did plot for 4
        page Gil Kane story.
Film Journal #5 (1973, Hollins College Publishing)
        Contains several drawings by Aragones.
"Much Ado About Nothing" poster (1974, PBS)
        Aragones artwork on advertisement for PBS Special of Shakespeare play.
Plop! #1 - 22, 24 (Sept/Oct 1973 - Nov/Dec 1976, DC)
        Anthology parody book. Aragones wrote/illustrated stories and
        cartoon gags.
* Batman #253 (Nov 1973, DC)
        "Behind the Scenes at DC Comics" text feature with office (?) drawing
        by Aragones. This may have appeared in other books that month?
Limited Collector's Edition #C-23 (Winter 1973, DC)
        House of Mystery spotlighted and reprinted in oversized format.
        Reprints include: border for contents page of early Plop!, 6 pages of
        Cain's Game Room, and "The Poster Plague". New material includes:
        dart board and race game illustrations, 2 pages on how to draw the
        HoM, cut-out diorama, and text on SA w/ b&w photo.
New York Comic Art Convention program (1974, Phil Seuling)
        Sergio drew the convention logo on which appears on pages 3, 96, & 97.
        Also, a B&W photo of Aragones appears on page 57.
Famous Cartoonist Button #1 (1975, Kitchen Sink Press)
        Has a full color self-caricature by Aragones.
Star Spangled War Stories #184, 194-195 (Jan 1975 - Jan 1976, DC)
        Single page "War Games" by Aragones in each.
Amazing World of DC #6 (May 1975, DC)
        Illustration of Gaines/Orlando for article on Orlando.
Weird Mystery Tales #22-23 (Sep - Oct 1975, DC)
        #22 has one page "Witch's Tails"; in #23 Aragones did plot for 8 page
        "Fair Exchange" Wally Wood story.
Our Army At War #295 - 296 (Aug/Sep 1976, DC)
        "War Games" one pagers.
Secrets of the Haunted House #1, 8 (1977, DC)
        #1 has one page "Witch's Tails" by Sergio.
Sgt. Rock #302, 304 (Mar 1977 and May 1977, DC)
        "War Games" one pagers.
Sojourn #1, 2 (1977, White Cliffs)
        A magazine by Joe Kubert. Sergio writer/artist on detective series
        T.C. Mars.
Quack! #2 (1977, Star*Reach)
        Sergio creator/co-plotter with Steve Leialoha on Newton the Rabbit
DC Superstars #13 (Apr 1977, DC)
        "Presents. . . The Wild and Wacky World of Sergio Aragones".
Jonah Hex and Other Western Tales #2 (Nov/Dec 1979, DC)
Gizmo #1 (1979, Mirage Studios)
Witching Hour #8 (May 1970, DC)
        Co-writer for Neal Adams story. Reprinted in DC Special Blue Ribbon
        Digest #17.
* Uncle Jam (early 1980s?, publisher?)
        Sergio did some work for this alternative, free newspaper that was
        published and distributed in Long Beach, CA. Tom Luth's first job
        doing color separations for Sergio's work was the cover of one issue.
Elfquest #11 (1981, Warp Graphics)
* Real People newsletter (1981 - Fall 1982?, George Schlatter Productions)
        Extensively illustrated this sporadically published newsletter to
        accompany the NBC show of the same name.
Real People poster (1981, George Schlatter Productions)
        3-color 20"x27" poster depicting numeous real people from the show.
Frank the Unicorn on the Farm (1982, Valentine Press)
        By Phil Yeh. Forward by Aragones.
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #17 (Jan 1982, DC)
        Co-writer for Neal Adams reprint from Witching Hour #8.
* Real People scrapbook (1982?, George Schlatter Productions)
        "Over 100 pages with all your favorite...characters, typographical
        errors, funny ads, limericks & jokes, cast photos, biographies, road
        signs, behind the scenes anecdotes, updates on your favorite real
        people." Presumably Sergio had some material in this?
Wild Animals #1 (Dec 1982, Pacific Comics)
        "A 'Short' Story", two pages.
The World's Best Dirty Limericks (1982, L. Stuart)
        By David Miller with drawings by Sergio.
Star*Reach Classics #2 (1984, Eclipse Enterprises)
DNAgents #9 (Feb 1984, Eclipse Enterprises)
        Illustration of DNAgents on letter page.
Shadow Star #2 (1985, Shadow Press)
Comics and Conversation: Using Humor to Elicit Conversation and Develop
        Vocabulary (1985, JAG Publications)
        By Joan Ashkenas with cartoons by Sergio Aragones.
Crossfire #8, 17, 18, 19, 21 - 26 (Jan 1985 - Feb 1988, Eclipse Enterprises)
        Illustrations for Evanier's text page, except in #8,17.
Best of DC #60, 63 (May 1985, Aug 1985, DC)
        Various reprints including PLOP! and House of Mystery.
Voice for Children lithograph (1986, Stabur Graphics) @
        Poster with illustrations by over 50 comic artists and their fascimile
        signatures. Also came as a limited edition (195 copies) which
        included individual signatures by most of the artists.
Misc! #19 (1986, High School Comics)
Jon Sable, Freelance #33 (Feb 1986, First Comics)
        Sergio drew almost the entire issue after lead in pages by Mike Grell.
* Amazing Heroes #99 (Jul 1986, Fantagraphics Books) @Groo: p48,50,52,53
        5-page Aragones article with reprints: SA page from 1978 CAPS
        directory featuring the earliest known Groo; Cain & Abel (w/ SA) from
        Plop; Marvel Groo #16 & 22 & PC #2 (all w/o titles nor logos);
        unlocated (?) 3-panel Groo ad.
Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special #1 (Oct 1986, Fantagraphics Books)
        Full-page b&w illustration of Catnippon battling Tako-Ichi, the
        octopus demon.
*Animals, It's Their World Too... poster (1987, publisher?)
        Sergio did this poster for an ecology group (which one?) in Ojai, CA.
Cartoonist Constitution lithograph (1987, Stabur Graphics) @
        Poster with illustrations by over 50 comic artists and their fascimile
        signatures. Also came as a limited edition (195 copies) which
        included individual signatures by most of the artists, and another
        limited edition (999 copies) which were only individually numbered.
Space Beaver #9 (1988, Ten Buck Comics) @2nd to last page
Usagi Yojimbo #11 (Sep 1988, Fantagraphics Books)
        Catnippon short story.
Aragones 3-D (1989, The 3-D Zone) @TO
        Neato 3-D (red/blue) book, with two pairs of 3-D glasses inserted.
The Comics Journal #128 (Apr 1989, Fantagraphics Books) @C,TO
        Excellent Sergio interview on wide ranging topics including Groo and
        MAD, with numerous photos and illustrations. Sergio and Groo appear
        on cover.
Detective Comics #600 (May 1989, DC)
        Batman pinup.
Golden Apple Tenth Anniversary Collectors' Card #12 (1989, Golden Apple)
        Oversized black & metallic gold gag of Groo and Rufferto. Produced in
        celebration of the chain's 10th anniversary.
The Best Comics of the Decade (v2) (1990, Fantagraphics Books) @C:Groo;BC:Ruff
        "Fair Exchange" mime story reprinted from MAD Pantomimes (1987,
        Warner). In softcover or hard cover (limited to 650 & signed by Los
        Bros. Hernandez and R. Crumb).
Frost TPB #1 (1990, Caliber)
        Illustration of Frost.
Harvey Kurtzman's Strange Adventures hardcover (1990, Epic/Marvel Comics) @p20
        Written by Kurtzman and illustrated by various artists including an
        8-page story "Captain Bleed" illustrated by Aragones.
Sgt. Rock Special (Reprint) #8 (1990, DC)
        Two "War Games" one pagers, including the one from OAW #296.
Critters #50 (Mar 1990, Fantagraphics Books) @BC: Ruff
        Catnippon backcover.
Hollywood Superstars #1 - 5 (Nov 1990, Apr 1991, Epic/Marvel Comics) @#1,2:LP
        Illustrations for Evanier's column.
News 3X/400 (Sept 1991, Duke Communications International) @C
        Full-page illustration with a castle, a ship, and all types of people
        for the cover of this IBM computer magazine. Reprinted in parts on
        page 29, 47, and 59.
More Comics and Conversation (1991, JAG Publications)
        By Joan Ashkenas with cartoons by Sergio Aragones.
Rhythm and Role Play (1991, JAG Publications)
        By Carolyn Graham. Illustrated by Aragones.
The Comic Book Greats Video #3: Sergio Aragones (1991, Stabur Press) @C,Video
        Sergio is interviewed by Marvel founder Stan Lee and illustrates
        numerous sketches during the interview including Groo and Rufferto.
        Groo and Sergio self-caricature on the box.
Argosy #3 (v3) (Aug 1991, Richard Kyle Publications)
        "Sergio Aragones Page" on p72 featuring a reprint from Buzz & Bell
        Space Cadets #1 (1991, Platinum Editions).
Famous Comic Book Creators Cards #36/#65 (1992, Eclipse Enterprises)
        Sergio on front and text on back. Yellow-backed (#36), blue-backed
        (#36), white-backed test sample (#65, 1991), and uncut white-backed
        Perez/Aragones combo (#35$, 1991) versions were produced. The
        yellow-backed cards were commercially distributed. The blue-backed
        cards were given to the artists or their estates. The test sample
        cards had editorial differences, were poorly printed, and had "sample"
        printed behind the text. The combo card was an insert in an issue of
        Diamond Previews. Yellow and blue cards have a drawing of Groo, Ruff,
        and Sergio, while the white ones lack Sergio. Photo of card on box.
Smokehouse Five #1 (1991, Platinum Editions) @p8,23
        Wordless firefighter gags in graphic novel form.
Buzz & Bell Space Cadets #1 (1991, Platinum Editions) @p9,39
        Wordless space gags in graphic novel form.
The Sandman Special #1 (1991, DC)
        Cain & Abel page.
Wonder Woman #50 (Jan 1991, DC) @p43
        WW pinup on page 43.
Wit of the World (5/19/91, 2/10/91, Cartoonist & Writers Syndicate)
        Each date features a short Aragones cartoon gag, along with a cartoon
        by another international artist. 2/10/91 has a self-caricature as the
        main character.
Marvel Age #107 (Dec 1991, Marvel Comics) @p32
        Aragones caricature of promotions man Steve Saffel in "Marvel
        Collector's Cards".
* San Diego ComicCon '92 program (Jul 1992, Comic Con International) @p?
        Sergio did a partial page tribute to Bill Gaines.
* Legends of Arzach: Gallery One (1992?, Tundra Publishing)
        By R.J.M. L'Officier and Moebius. Portfolio of single sheet
        illustrations by numerous artists including Aragones.
* The Art of Jack Kirby (1992, Blue Rose Press) @p?
        Has a copy of a huge color piece done for Kirby in San Diego in
        1986 by Sergio.
So You Want to Produce a Picture (1992, I.J. Rado)
        By Leon Chooluck. Illustrated by Aragones.
Flaxen #1 (1992, Dark Horse Comics) @"Read Groo"
TMNT/Conservation Corps #1 (1992, Archie)
        Conservation Corps pinup.
Usagi Yojimbo #33 (v1) (Apr 1992, Fantagraphics Books)
        Plot for main story.
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (1993, Kitchen Sink Press) @p56
        By Scott McCloud. Groo by McCloud on p4 & SA illustration on p56.
        Reprinted in 1994 in paperback by Harper Collins.
Visions of Arzach (1993, Kitchen Sink Press)
        Edited by R.J.M. L'Officier. Book of reprinted art from the Legends
        of Arzach portfolios including a reprint of the Aragones illustration
        from Gallery One.
Too Much Coffee Man #1 (July 1993, Adhesive Comics)
Mighty Magnor promotional poster (1993, Malibu Comics)
        Mighty Magnor in battle scene to promote Malibu's miniseries.
San Diego ComicCon '93 cloisonne pin (Jul 1993, Comic Con International)
        Features Groo slicing the '3' off of 1993, and Rufferto.
Cartoonist Profiles #97, 98 (Mar & Jun 1993, Cartoonist Profiles Inc) @#98,p47
        "Sergio Aragones and the Art of Pantomime" article with illustrations
        printed over two issues on pp 26-32 & pp 46-52 respectively.
* Comic Buyer's Guide #? (Apr 1993, Krause Publications)
        Cover and article on Mighty Magnor.
The Mighty Magnor #1 - 6 (Apr 1993 - Apr 1994, Malibu Comics) @TO
        #1 came as either a pop-out cover (with self-caricature) or a regular
Exiles #3, Firearm #2, Freex #4, Hardcase #5, Mantra #4, Night Man #1, Prime
        #5, Prototype #3, Sludge #1, Solution #2, Strangers #5 (Oct 1993,
        Each issue contains one page of a four-page "Mighty Magnor" story.
San Diego ComicCon '94 program (Jul 1994, Comic Con International) @C
        Sergio did the cover.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trading Cards #54, 97 (1994, Cardz)
        Aragones illustrations.
Seasoned Greetings #2 (1994, Kitchen Sink Press)@Ruff
        Sergio did 1 of 10 twisted Christmas cards. All cards pictured on box.
Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card #208 (1994, Topps)
        Art on front, photo of Sergio on back.
Comics Buyer's Guide #1093 - current (Oct 28, 1994 - current, Krause
        An illustration of Evanier by Sergio heads ME's weekly column "Point
        of View".
Chipmunks & Squirrels #1 (Dec 1994, Original Syndicate Inc)
        By Michael Aushenker. Forward and intro drawings by Sergio.
The Aspiring Cartoonist #3 (Jan 1995, Yendie Boox Publishing) @C,p12,14
        Interview on pages 12-15 with reprinted marginals, panels, and a Groo
        cover (#17). The cover is reprinted in back issue ads in #4,5,6 and in
        a promotional brochure.
Sin City: The Big Fat Kill #5 (Mar 1995, Dark Horse Comics)
        "Shadows" pin-up by Aragones.
The Mighty Image #1 (May/Jun 1995, Image) @p12
        Aragones & Evanier do the first installment of a serialized (2 pages
        per issue) Mighty Magnor story. Following issues are done by other
Journey #23 (Dec 1995, Fantagraphics Books) @p?
        Various artists, including SA, depict what they think legendary
        letterhack T.M. Maple looks like.
Wonder Woman Gallery (1996, DC)
        Full page Wonder Woman by Aragones. Not the same as WW #50.
Simpsons #16 (1996, Bongo Comics)
        Sergio is credited as the translator (Spanish/English) for back-up
        story "Bumblebee Man in '­Ay, Que Lastima!'".
Usagi Yojimbo Book Seven (1996, Fantagraphics Books)
        Foreword by Sergio and a half-page illustration.
The Big Book of Hoaxes (1996, Factoid Books/Paradox Press)
        Illustrated 3 page story "The Captain of Kopenick".
Sergio Aragones Refrigerator Magnet (1996, Graphitti Designs).
        3.5" tall rubber magnet with a self caricature. The illustration is
        an enlargment of the image on the Groo statue box where Sergio is
        posing with a sculpting tool.
Sergio Destroys DC #1 (Jun 1996, DC) @C,p3,15,26;Ruff:C,p15
Sergio Massacres Marvel #1 (Jun 1996, Marvel Comics) @BC,p9,37
Phantom Gallery Trading Card #80 (1996, King Features Syndicate/Intrepid)
        Sergio drawing of Phantom.
San Diego ComicCon '96 Volunteer T-Shirt (Jul 1996, Comic Con International)
Hip Flask's Silent Night (1996, Active Images)
        By Chris Francis and Sergio Aragones. This short black, white & red
        piece appeared on Active Image's 1996 Christmas card, and on their
        WWW page: http://www.comicbookfonts.com/
Patty Cake #8 (1996, Permanent Press)
        By Scott Roberts. Sergio drew Patty Cake for the inside cover.
* American Animation Institute Office newsletter (1997, publisher?) @Ruff
        Aragones created the masthead for their newsletter for that year.
        Newsletter may be specific to M.P.S.C. Local 839, IATSE?
The Big Book of Losers (1997, Factoid Books/Paradox Press)
        By Paul Kirchner. Illustrated 2 page story "The Gatti Gang: Italy's
        Least Wanted".
The Big Book of the Unexplained (1997, Factoid Books/Paradox Press)
        By Doug Moench. Illustrated 4 page story "Ancient Man".
The Big Book of Scandal (1997, Factoid Books/Paradox Press)
        Sergio did the "He Said, She Said" story about the Anita Hill-Clarence
        Thomas Senate Hearings.
National Cartoonist Society on-line brochure (1997, NCS) @p1
        Sergio did illustrations for the NCS's WWW brochure:
Usagi Yojimbo #10 (v3) (Feb 1997, Dark Horse Comics)
        Inker for 7 pages of Stan Sakai's 8 page lead-in story "Return To
        Apachi Plain". Story originally appeared un-inked and fully painted
        by SS in UY Hardcover Book Four (1990). Also sketch of Sergio
        attacking Stan in the letters page.
Caveman (1997, Nantier-Beall-Minoustchine Publishing) @intro
        Wordless cartoons by Tayyar Ozkan. Intro written by Aragones, with
        illustration of himself dreaming of himself as a caveman drawing Groo
        on a cave wall.
* Editor and Publisher (May 1997, publisher?) @p?
        Article on Sergio winning his Reuben Award. Plus a cartoon of the Groo
        gang, Buzz & Bell, the Smokehouse Five, Cat Nippon, Alfred E. Neuman,
        janitor from "Bloopers", Mighty Magnor, Cain and Abel, King Kong, and
        Sergio in the corner drawing the whole tableau. Also on the National
        Museum of Cartoon Art's Web page: cartoon.org/artists/aragones.htm
Blade of the Immortal (Jun 1997, Dark Horse Comics)
        Aragones pin-up of himself and other artists 'Japanized'.
The Mask: Virtual Surreality (Jul 1997, Dark Horse Comics) @p7
        This Mask one-shot features a short story by Sergio and Evanier.
Louder Than Words #1 - 6 (Jul - Dec 1997, Dark Horse Comics) @#1C,p13,14;
        Wordless B&W gags. Color front & back covers.
Aliens Havoc #2 (Jul 1997, Dark Horse Comics)
        Sergio was the artist for one page of this multi-artist story.
Collectors' Showcase #4 (v17) (Jul/Aug 1997, College Sports Communications)
        B&W photo of Aragones with his Reuben Award on p. 9.
Disney Adventures (Dec 1997, Disney Enterprises)
        4 page "George of the Jungle" story by SA & ME.
* Comic Book Marketplace #? (Dec? 1997, publisher?)
        Cartoon profile of Mark Evanier by Aragones. Archie Andrews cover.
Inquest #32 (Dec 1997, Gareb Shamus Enterprises)
        Sergio appears in a photo from 1997 GenCon on p 50.
DC promotional poster (Dec 1997, DC) @TO
        "Sergio's-eye view of a comic book shop and it's one of his best"
        (ME,11/13/97), given to stores that are one of 100 DC Comics Retailer
Shadis #43 (Jan 1997, Alderac Entertainment Group) @p8.
        Groo cover and a good 3 page SA interview with four new illustrations.
* The Comics Journal #200 (Jan 1997?, Fantagraphics Books) #p?
        A 1/2-page drawing marking the CJ's 200th issue.
* The Maxx trading cards #20 (year?, Wildstorm)
* Sergio provided various plots and scripts for the following comics published
        by DC. Years of publication for each title are given in parenthesis,
        but the issue number and date of each Aragones contribution are
        unknown: The Adventures of Jerry Lewis (1957-1971), Young Romance
        (1963-1975), Inferior Five (1967-1972), Stanley and His Monster
        (1968), Binky's Buddies (1969-1970).

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Groo The Wanderer Section

Destroyer Duck #1 (Feb 1982, Eclipse Enterprises)
        One page Groo backup story.
Starslayer #4 (Aug 1982, Pacific Comics)
        2 page Groo advertisement/trailer inside and Groo advertisement on
        back cover.
Captain Victory #6 (Sept 1982, Pacific Comics)
        Reprints both ads from Ss #4, but back cover one is now inside with
        slightly modified text.
Starslayer #5 (Nov 1982, Pacific Comics)
        5 page Crackora story. Reprints 1 page ad from CV #6 w/ subscription
        coupon added.
Groo #1 - 8 (Dec 1982 - Apr 1984, Pacific Comics)
* Groo promotional poster (1983?, Pacific Comics)
        Poster features artwork from Groo #3 and text urging people to support
        their local comic shop.
Comic Reader #210 (Apr 1983, Street Enterprises)
        Groo battling large lizard-creature on cover.
Groo promotional poster (1984, Epic/Marvel Comics)
        11"x17" with preprinting of image on Epic #2, except with black
        background. The text says "He's Fearsome, He's Fearless, He's State
        of the Art Barbarian and Now He's Available Monthly from Epic Comics",
        "Fighting to Make the World Safe for Cheese Dip", and "On Sale in
        December Wherever Comics are Sold".
Groo T-Shirts #1-4 (1984-1994, Graphitti Designs)
        #1 (1984): reprint of Pacific Comics #6 (2-sided).
        #2 (1988): Groo following cheese dip smell while an army stalks him.
        #3 (1989): Groo brandishing sword and Rufferto.
        #4 (1994): "I Bought Sergio Aragones Groo #1", "Did I Err". Groo and
        Rufferto falling out of a 'rip' on the front with an army standing in
        the darkness of the hole.
Pacific Presents #4 (1984, Pacific Comics)
        Full page ad on back cover for Groo Special #1.
Groo Special #1 (Oct 1984, Eclipse Enterprises)
        Originally scheduled to print under Pacific Comics. Contains
        previously unpublished material, 4 pages of paper figures to cut out,
        and reprint of story from Destroyer Duck #1.
Vanguard Illustrated #6 (Jun 1984, Pacific Comics)
        Advertisement for Groo The Wanderer Special #1 on back cover.
        Pictured is the cover of the Special, with the PC logo instead of
        Eclipse's. Text includes: "Coming Spring 1984" and "Pacific: Tomorrow
        Is Here."
Epic Illustrated #27 (Dec 1984, Marvel Comics)
        Groo preview article, "Kaleli" story, and 2 ad. illustrations; one
        ('Angry Groo') later appeared in color as an ad. on the back cover of
        Marvel Age #22, and as the cover to Groo #1 (Epic); the other ('Groo
        & Dragon') appeared as the cover to Groo #2 (Epic), then reprinted in
        color in E.I. #31.
Amazing Heroes #61 (Dec 1984, Fantagraphics Books)
        Cover and 10 page article (with more art) on Groo.
Marvel Age #22 (Jan 1985, Marvel Comics)
        Groo advertisement on back cover.
Marvel Age #24 (Mar 1985, Marvel Comics)
        Groo cover & 4 page "A Look at Aragones' Groo".
Groo #1 - 120 (Mar 1985 - Jan 1995, Epic/Marvel Comics)
        #50 & 100 were special, double-sized issues. Special anniversary
        poster on back of #100 featuring Groo, Rufferto, Aragones & gang.
        #87 marked beginning of format change ('more pages, better paper, more
        expensive, same jokes', Rufferto strip on back cover).
Albedo #3 (Apr 1985, Steven A. Gallacci)
        Illustrated letter with Groo/Usagi.
Epic Illustrated #31 (Aug 1985, Marvel Comics)
        Groo advertisement. Drawing first appeared w/o color in E.I. #27.
Groo 25mm Lead Miniatures #1 - 5 (1986, Dark Horse Miniatures)
        #1: Groo, Mulch, Chaakal, Sage, Minstrel.
        #2: Groo, Taranto, Witch of Kaan, Arcadio.
        #3: Young Groo, Grooella, Sergio, Gravito.
        #4: Wenches and Warriors (2 title maidens, 2 guards).
        #5: Dragon assembled from 5 pieces.
        Some shipments were packaged in stock Dark Horse packaging, w/ or w/o
        an orange Groo sticker on them. Most were packaged in dedicated packs
        featuring artwork by SA and a poem by ME.
Shadow Star #2 (1986, Slave Labor)
        Sketch of Groo daydreaming of Shadow Star.
Elektra: Assassin #3-5 (Oct - Dec 1986, Marvel Comics)
        #3: one Groo-only advertisement using art from Groo #15 and added
        text, and a second ad. for several Epic titles using the Groo from
        #12's cover. #4&5 reprint the second and first one, respectivley.
Marvel Age #49 (Apr 1986, Marvel Comics)
        Groo cover & article.
Benefit Portfolio to Defend the 1st Amendment (Port Publications, 1987)
        A set of 12 B&W limited edition plates of work by different artists.
        Sets #1-250 are individually signed, and #251-1500 are not. Art for
        Sergio's contribution "Groo & The Thought Patrol" was donated to The
        Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (see 1989 CBLDF entry).
Amazing Heroes Preview Special #4 (Winter 1987, Fantagraphics Books)
        Cover by Sergio Aragones & Dave Sim and shows Groo attacking a tin of
        cheese dip. More Aragones artwork on page 51.
Groo: Death of Groo (1987, Epic/Marvel Comics)
        "2nd Printing" appeared in 1990; and 3rd printing ( has "Copyright
        1987, 1990" & "First Printing: 1987" and "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3" text)
        corrected the color separation problem of the previous 2 printings.
Groo poster (1988, Marvel Press)
        34 x 22 inches of Groo defending a castle siege.
Marvel Age #61 (Apr 1988, Marvel Comics)
        With Groo cover and artwork on p. 29.
* Great Comic Book Artists v2 (1989?, Martin Press)
        By Ron Goulard. Article on Sergio and Groo on page 6, and B&W reprint
        of page 20 of Pacific Groo #1 on page 7.
Usagi Yojimbo #20 (v1) (Feb 1989, Fantagraphics Books)
        Groo on page 5 by Aragones. Caricature of Sergio on cover by Sakai.
Groo: Thought Patrol sticker (1989), t-shirt (1994), and signed miniposter
        Colour artwork donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Groo and
        an army are invading a room of monks with manuscripts. T-shirt has "I
        support the CBLDF on back", art on front. Sticker is 3.5"x3.5".
        Print is 8.5"x11". Items available through a donation to the CBLDF.
Groo Cloisonne Pins #1 - 6 (1989, Graphitti Designs)
        Groo, Rufferto, Sage, Minstrel, Taranto, and Chakaal.
Sergio Aragones Cloisonne Pin (1989, Graphitti Designs)
        Special giveaway pin with self-caricature by Aragones. Released
        concurrently with the six Groo pins by Graphitti Designs.
Groo Chronicles #1 - 6 (1989, Epic/Marvel Comics)
        Reprints of Destroyer Duck #1, Pacific Comics #1 - 8, Special #1, Epic
        Illustrated #27, and new Rufferto strips on back covers.
Marvel Age #73 (Apr 1989, Marvel Comics)
        Groo cover & ad. on back cover & 2 page article.
Marvel Age #85 (Feb 1990, Marvel Comics)
        Groo cover. Article with illustrations and self-caricature on pp.
Groo TPBs #1 - 7 (1990 - 1993, Epic/Marvel Comics)
        The Groo Adventurer, Bazaar, Carnival, Dynasty, Expose, Festival,
        and Garden. Each reprinted 4 Epic/Marvel issues starting at #1. No
        Houndbook was released.
The Groo Chronicles hardcover (1990, Graphitti Designs)
        The expensive, limited (1500), and signed by A&E edition. Reprints
        #1 - 6, and includes new text by ME and illustrations.
Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics (1991, Marvel
        Short Groo mention and panel in this 280 page softcover book.
Marvel Age #96 (Jan 1991, Marvel Comics)
        Groo cover.
Marvel Age #109 (Feb 1992, Marvel Comics)
        Groo cover.
Cerebus #155 (Feb 1992, Aardvark-Vanaheim)
        An Aragones/Sim auction drawing of Groo/Cerebus.
* The MAD Panic #13 (May 1992, Norris)
        Photo of the 'Groo t-shirt IV' (not the same as that from Graphitti
        Designs -- was this one ever released?) featuring the art from Groo
        Chronicles Hard Cover p1; and Groo cloisonne pin.
Groo: Life of Groo (1993, Epic/Marvel Comics)
        Reprinted in 1995 by Graphitti Designs with new cover & larger format.
Hero Illustrated Yearbook #1 (v8) (1994, Warrior Publications)
        Groo on cover.
Groo poster (1994, Image)
normalman-Megaton Man Special #1 (Aug 1994, Image)
        Groo on page 12.
Savage Dragon #14 (October 1994, Image)
        "Same Jokes, Better Price, New Company" Groo advertisement on back
        cover. Art is from Groo #1 (Dec 1994, Image). Reprinted in Inside
        Image #21 (Nov 1994).
Mid-Ohio-Con Program Guide (Nov 1994, Central City Comics)
        Groo on cover and small Aragones bio inside.
Inside Image #22 (Dec 1994, Image)
        Groo on cover and p. 1; article on pp. 2-3.
Groo promotional sticker (Dec 1994, Image)
        Groo scratching head with word balloon "Did I Err?". Used to promote
        Image's Groo #1 and released concurrently with Inside Image #22. Also
        given away at various comic book conventions.
Groo #1 - 12 (Dec 1994 - Nov 1995, Image)
        Rufferto strips also appeared on the back covers.
Dallas Fantasy Fair 1995 program (1995, Bulldog Productions)
        Groo and Rufferto on p20 with small article.
Stan Lee: Comics Man (1995, Arts & Entertainment)
        This A&E Biography shows a rack of comics, with a Groo isssue in plain
Groo Trading Cards 1 - 153 (1995, Image / WildStorm)
        Also, background art for IG1 - IG9, random artwork and autograph
        inserts. Display box has artwork.
WonderCon 9 Program (Apr 1995, WonderCon)
        Cover with Groo at a comic book convention slashing his swords at
        everyone in the aisles.
GenCon 1995 Program (Aug 1995, GenCon)
        Groo posing next to an oversized twenty-sided die on the cover with
        marginals by Sergio in the program.
Usagi Yojimbo #13 (v2) (Aug 1995, Mirage Studios)
        Groo advertisement on back cover reprinted from Inside Image #22 with
        joke text added.
Usagi Yojimbo #16 (v2) (Oct 1995, Mirage Studios)
        Illustration of Groo & Usagi in letter column.
Mid-Ohio-Con Program Guide (Nov 1995, Central City Comics)
        Groo on p. 4. Photo of Aragones and biographical info on p. 13.
Comic Buyer's Guide #1162 (Feb 1996, Krause)
        Groo, Rufferto, etc. on cover.
Groo Sculpture "Cheese Dip?" (1996, Graphitti Designs)
        Limited to 750 cold-casts of Groo and Rufferto. Box has a artwork
        including a large 'two-faced' self-caricature and a poem by ME.
        Comes with a signed and number certificate with a Groo illustration.
Hampton's Hollywood Cafe Menu (1996, Hampton's Hollywood Cafe)
        The very-tastey "Grooburger" designed by Sergio.
Brinke of Destruction #3 (1997, High Top)
        Aragones pin-up of Groo and Brinke Stevens' character on last page.
Inquest #26 (Jul 1997, Gareb Shamus Enterprises)
        Brief mention of the Groo: The Game on p. 14 and 21; lengthier review
        on p. 89. Different cards are used as illustrations on all 3 pages.
Previews #11 (Nov 1997, Diamond Comic Distributors)
        Partial-page ads on p5 & 45 with text "Groo The Barbarian, Groo The
        Conquerer, Groo-vy! All new publisher, all new jokes". Same art as on
        DH Groo #1 & poster, and Diamond Distributors envelope. #1 featured
        in various spotlights & previews. Happy Groo Year contest p 10.
Dark Horse Insider (Jan 1998, Dark Horse Comics)
        Featured poster was 11"x17" cover art for Groo #1. The other side
        had previews of other January releases (including Groo #1).
Groo: The Game (1997, Archangel Entertainment)
        60 cards, 7 dice, a rule book, and 2 - 4 players aged 10 and up. Fun
        for the whole fray! New art on the box, cards, and dice stickers.
        Expansion set availble too.
Groo: The Game T-shirt (1997, Archangel Entertainment)
        Limited release, featuring art from the back of the game box and
        modified text.
Groo #1 promotional trading card (Dec 1997, Dark Horse Comics)
        Features the cover to Groo #1.
Groo clothing (1997, Rapid Eye Entertainment)
        Several different articles of clothing in various colors with
        embroidered images: baseball cap (Groo logo); knit hat, polo shirt,
        and sweatshirt (Rufferto); nylon and wool jacket (Groo and dragon).
        New illustration in their catalogue.
Wizard #78 (Jan 1998, Wizard Press)
        Features a 3-page Groo story and 1-page promo-blurb.
Comics Buyer's Guide #1256 (Feb 6 Jan 1998, Krause Publications)
        Groo & gang appear on cover. Article by ME inside, and 2.5 pages of
        covers and previews from upcoming mini-series. Plus a review of The
        Game with b&w photos of regular & expansion sets and game in progress.

Various, albeit sometimes debatable, incarnations of Groo, and/or his friends
have made cameo appearances in the following MAD (Apr 1985 - Feb 1998, EC
Publications) issues:

        #246, 257, 259, 261-264, 266, 268-273, 275, 277-282, 284-286, 289,
        290, 292, 293, 295, 297, 298, 300, 303, 305, 308, 309, 311, 316, 317,
        323-325, 328, 331, 334, 336, 338-344, 350, 355, 358, 359, 365, 366.

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MAD Magazine & Related

MAD #76 (Jan 1963, EC Publications)
        First Sergio appearance in MAD, "A MAD Look At The US Space Effort".
MAD #76 - present (Jan 1963-present, EC Publications)
        Missed only #111 due to illness. Artist and/or writer for various
        stories, and marginals.
MAD Office Visit poster (1960s, EC Publications)
        Has an Aragones self-caricature.
The Ridiculously Expensive MAD hardback (1969, World Publishing)
        Has reprinted Aragones MAD artwork.
MAD Office Visit poster (1970s, EC Publications)
        Has an Aragones self-caricature.
Cartoonist Profiles #7 (Aug 1970, Cartoonist Profiles Inc.)
        Classic Aragones illustration of MAD offices and article inside on
The MAD Morality TPB (1970, Abingdon Press)
        By Vernard Eller. Has reprinted MAD artwork. Paperback edition
        printed by Signet in 1972.
The Complete MAD Checklist No. 3 (1971, Von Bernewitz)
        By Fred Von Bernewitz. Aragones cover.
The MAD World of William Gaines hardback (1972, Lyle Stuart).
        By Frank Jacobs. Aragones appears in photo section. Paperback
        edition printed by Ballatine in 1973. Aragones artwork appears in
        the color section.
* Scholastic Scope (1973, publisher?)
        MAD article with photos of office, staff, and Aragones marginals.
The Art of Humorous Illustration hardback & softcover (1973, Watson-Guptill)
        By Nick Meglin. Chapter devoted to Aragones with MAD and non-MAD art.
Dynamite #3 (Spring 1974, Scholastic Magazines)
        Aragones art accompanying article "A Visit to the MAD House".
MAD Calendars (1976-1978, 1980-1981; Warner)
        1977 has one month devoted to Aragones and his art appears in the
        other calendars.
MAD Stew paperback (1978, Warner)
        By Nick Meglin. With original illustrations by MAD artists including
        Aragones. Self-caricature on front cover.
The Mad Magazine Game (1979, Parker Brothers)
        Art on one gameboard space, released in 1988 as "The What Me Worry
MAD's Sergio Aragones on Parade TPB (1978, Warner).
        Mostly reprinted MAD artwork with new illustrations in "A Collection
        of Selected Rejections". A different cover appeared on the 1982 ed.
State of the MAD Art poster (1980s, EC Publications)
        Has an Aragones self-caricature.
MAD Freaks USA #2 (Fall 1980, Labbe)
        Aragones cover artwork for this fanzine.
MAD Sticker Album (1983, Fleer)
        Some Aragones marginals.
MADzine #8 (Sept 1984, Cook)
        Aragones cover artwork for this fanzine.
Howling MAD and Monster MAD (1987, Warner)
        Paperback Halloween booklets with reprints from MAD incl. Aragones.
MAD Special Editions #1-6 (Hardee's Restaurants, 1989)
        Giveaways at Hardee's, reprints from MAD incl. Aragones.
MAD Calendars (1989, 1990; Landmark)
        Contains Aragones marginals.
The Comics Journal #128 (Apr 1989, Fantagraphics Books) @C, TO
        Excellent Sergio interview on wide ranging topics including Groo and
        MAD, with numerous photos and illustrations. Sergio and Groo appear
        on cover.
The MAD Panic #2 (Jul 1990, Norris)
        Book review of "MAD as Usual".
Completely MAD hardback & softcover (1991, Little, Brown, & Co.)
        By Maria Reidelbach. Photos of Aragones and reprinted artwork
        including the two covers he illustrated for MAD (#210, #293).
The MAD Panic #8 (Jul 1991, Norris)
        Aragones interview with illust. prepared exclusively for the fanzine.
The Art of MAD auction catalog (1992, Christie's East)
        Includes photos of Aragones artwork offered in the auction.
MAD Art Show postcard (1992, Cohen)
        Sergio self-caricature on postcard announcing opening reception at
        Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa, CA.
MAD Trading Cards, Series #1 to 3 (1992-1993, Lime Rock)
        Artwork (mainly marginals) on the back of many cards, except one
        with cover of MAD #293. Boxes for #1 & #2 have Aragones marginals.
MAD Calendar (1993, Character Imprints)
        Random Aragones illustrations.
MAD Special Collector's Series #1-6 (1993, BeZerk Candy Werks)
        Mini reprints of MAD including Aragones, packaged with boxes of MAD
Good Days and MAD hardcover & softcover (1994, Thunder's Mouth Press)
        By Dick DeBartolo. Contains several Aragones illustrations.
MAD Magazine licensee kit (1994, Warner Bros.)
        Aragones marginals appear throught the MAD Licensee List that folds
        out from the Alfred E. Neuman $3 bill.
The MAD Panic #24 (Mar 1994, Norris)
        Article on Aragones with photo.
MAD Style Book (1994, DC)
        Sergio provided 7 pages of all new illustrations plus 2 additional
        pages are devoted to reprinted marginals.
MAD About MAD auction catalog (1995, Sotheby's)
        Includes photos of Aragones artwork that was offered in the auction.
Collectibly MAD hardcover & softcover (1995, Kitchen Sink Press) @p172
        By Grant Geissman. Photos and info on several Aragones-MAD items.
MAD About the Sixties TPB (1995, Little, Brown, & Co.)
        Reprinted material from MAD including Aragones.
MAD TV press kit (1995, Fox TV)
        Art in MAD logo (from MAD #102) inside folder.
MAD/Alfred E. Neuman gift bag (1995, Gibson Greetings)
        With Aragones marginals.
MAD/Alfred E. Neuman gift wrapping paper (1995, Gibson Greetings)
        Art in MAD logo (from MAD #102).
MAD Greeting Card (1995, Gibson Greetings)
        Aragones artwork on a get well card.
MAD About the Seventies TPB (1996, Little, Brown, & Co.)
        Reprinted material from MAD including Aragones.
The 5th Annual MAD Auction Catalog (1996, Lerner)
        A reprinted Aragones illustration appears on p. 5.
MAD Checkbook Cover (1996, Liberty Check Printers)
        Aragones marginal.
On The Edge magazine (1996, Entertainment Weekly)
        Reprinted material from "A MAD Look at Snowboarding" from MAD #342.
The MAD Panic #36 (Mar 1996, Norris)
        Aragones interview.
MAD Toilet Paper (1996, Spencer Gifts)
        Random marginals appear on package and toilet paper.
The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman hardcover (1997, Little, Brown,
        & Co.).
        Contains all new Aragones illustrations.
Comic Shop News #513 (Apr 23, 1997, Comic Shop News, Inc.)
        Reprinted marginal appears in review of MAD #356.
MAD T-shirts (1997, Scene Not Heard)
        Shirt #104 has a border composed of numerous Aragones marginals. A
        single Aragones marginal appears on shirts #103, 105, 109, 111, 120,
        121, and 122.
MAD Fold This Book! A Ridiculous Collection of Fold-Ins (1997, Warner Books)
        SA self-portrait in tribute to Al Jaffee on the inside cover. Plus a
        reprint of Groo and Rufferto as drawn by Jaffee from MAD #300.
San Diego ComicCon '97 T-Shirt (Jul 1997, Comic Con International) @B
        Sergio did the art for this shirt that featured Alfred E. Neuman.

The following regular MAD issues are worth noting:

        MAD #83 (Dec 1963) and MAD #86 (Apr 1964)
                Aragones is in the B&W photos on the inside front covers.

        MAD #93 (Mar 1965), MAD #98 (Oct 1965), and MAD #127 (Jun 1969)
                Aragones can be found in the color photos on the back covers.

        MAD #102 (Apr 1966)
                Aragones illustrated the interior of the MAD logo.

        MAD #108 (Jun 1967)
                Illustrated the 12 Days of Christmas MAD subscription ad.

        MAD #210 (Oct 1979) and MAD #293 (Mar 1990)
                Cover artist.

        MAD #247 (Jun 1984), MAD #293 (Mar 1990), and MAD #320 (Jul 1993),
                MAD #359 (Jun 1997), MAD #361 (Sep 1997)
                B&W photos of Aragones appear in the letter columns.

        MAD #358 (Jun 1997)
                Border art on front cover by Aragones.

Reprinted Aragones illustrations have appeared in over 100 MAD Super Specials
(EC Publications) that reprint material from the regular issues of MAD. The
following section lists notable contributions by Aragones:

        #12 (1974), #14 (1974), #28 (Fall 1979), #98 (Summer 1994)
                Contain new material by Aragones.

        #37 (Winter 1981), #38 (Spring 1982), #62 (Spring 1988),#84 (Nov 1992)
                Aragones was the artist for the front covers.

        #62 (Spring 1988), #84 (Nov 1992)
                Contain portfolios of classic Aragones reprints.

        #119 (Mar 1997)
                Reprints from "Viva MAD" and preview of new illustrations
                from "The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman".

Aragones contributed all new art to the following Specials bonus-inserts:

        MAD Follies #2 (1964)
                1965 MAD Calendar with random Aragones illustrations.

        MAD Follies #7 (1969)
                Aragones provided artwork for one of the 12 Nasty Postcards.

        MAD Super Special #19 (1976)
                Art for inserted bicentenial edition of MAD called "MADDE".

        MAD Super Special #29 (Winter 1979)
                Art for miniposters from a set "Collectible Connectibles" (a
                reprint subset of the miniposters including Aragones appeared
                in MAD Super Special #103, Apr 1995)

        MAD Super Special #37 (Winter 1981)
                2-sided, color foldout poster "MAD Map of the U.S.A."
                by Aragones.

        MAD Super Special #82 (Jul 1992)
                Marginals on the back all 4 Environ-Mental Postcards inserts.

Reprinted Aragones illustrations have appeared in over 50 paperbacks (Signet,
Warner) that reprint material from the regular issues of of MAD. The following
two subsections list additional paperbacks by Aragones.

MAD paperbacks exclusively by Aragones with all new material:

        Viva MAD (1968, Signet)
        MAD about MAD (1970, Signet)
        MADly Yours (1972, Warner)
        In MAD We Trust (1974, Warner)
        MAD as the Devil (1975, Warner)
        Incurably MAD (1977, Warner)
        Shootin' MAD (1979, Warner)
        MAD as a Hatter (1981, Warner)
        MAD Menagerie (1983, Warner)
        MAD Pantomimes (1987, Warner) @BC
                Fair Exchange" story reprinted in The Best Comics of the
                Decade v2 (1990, Fantagraphics Books)
        More MAD Pantomimes (1988, Warner) @p22,23
        MAD as Usual (1990, Warner) @BC
        Totally MAD (1991, Warner) @Ruff: BC
        Next MAD Book (1992, Warner) @TO

MAD paperbacks exclusively by Aragones with redrawn reprint material:

        MAD Marginals oversized paperback (1974, Warner)
                Reprinted in 1980 by Warner in regular paperback size.
        More MAD Marginals (Apr 1985, Warner) @dedication page, TO

The following single issue editions of MAD contain all new Aragones

        MAD Disco (1980, EC Publications)
        MAD 84 (1984, EC Publications)
        MAD Star Trek Spectacular (1994, EC publications)
        MAD TV (1995, EC Publications) @Groo&Ruff:p25

The following single issue edition of MAD contains reprinted Aragones
        MAD Star Wars Spectacular (1996, EC Publications)

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TV/Movie Appearances

Sheena, Queen of The Jungle (1955 - 1956, Syndicated)
        Starring Irish McCalla and Christian Drake. Sergio was a last-minute
        stunt double for McCalla in one of 26 episodes of this 30 minute TV
        show produced by Nassour Studios with Sergio's father.
Viva Max! (1969, Dir: Jerry Paris)
        Comedy about an eccentric Mexican General (Peter Ustinov) recapturing
        the Alamo from Texas. Also starred Jonathan Winters and John Astin.
"Norman...Is That You?" (1976, Dir: George Schlatter)
        Starring Redd Foxx & Pearl Bailey; Sergio appears as a Mexican hotel
Laugh In (Sept 1977 - Feb 1979, NBC)
        Produced by George Schlatter. Sergio was a regular cast member and
        animator. The series was a 60 minute revival of the original comedy
        variety show.
Real People (Apr 1979 - Jul 1984, NBC)
        Produced by George Schlatter and others. 60 minute chronicles of
        unusual or unique people. Did a segment on Aragones. There was also a
        newsletter, poster, and a scrapbook associated with the show that he
        contributed to (see above; also scrapbook contribution is in question).
Speak Up, America (Apr - Oct 1980, NBC)
        Produced by George Schlatter and others. Hosted by Marjoe Gortner,
        Jayne Kennedy, Magic Johnson, and others. Sergio appeared as a
        regular sketching scenes after segments for this 60 minute show.
* Cher (Feb 1975 - Jan 1976, CBS).
        Produced by George Schlatter. Sergio had an unknown contribution to
        the 60 minute variety show.
"To Kill A Stranger" (1982, Dir: Montezuma)
        Starring Donald Pleasence. Sergio appears as a general.
* "It's A Wacky World" (date?, network?)
        Dir: George Schlatter. Wrote pantomime segments that were
        performed by comedians from all over the world for this TV special.
* That's Incredible (date?, network?)
        Sergio made significant appearances on this show.
The Half Hour Comedy Hour (1983, ABC)
        Produced by Dick Clark and Chris Bearde. Did sequence animation for
        this comedy sketch show.
* TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes (1984-1997, NBC) @rumour?
        Hosted and produced by Dick Clark, Ed McMahon, and others. Sequence
        animation by Aragones. The 60 minute show has appeared as both a
        regular series and a special under various titles. Groo has reportedly
        appeared in one of the animation sequences. Latest incarnation is a
        weekly prime time series of all new shows cohosted by Dick Clark and
        Suzanne ??? (Jan 1998 to present, NBC).
* Thrill of a Lifetime (~1984?, CBS?)
        Sergio appears on an episode of this show to fulfill the wishes of a
        person who wanted to meet him.
* Prisoner's of Gravity (1990 - 1993, TVOntario)
        Sergio makes interview appearances on 4 episodes: #? Will Eisner
        (10/18/90); #69 Stereotypes (11/15/90); #90 Humour (02/07/91); #?
        Cyberbook (03/04/93).
Bob (1992 - 1993, CBS)
        Starring Bob Newhart. Aragones guest stars on episode #15 (01/29/93)
        "You Can't Win", of this 30 minute sitcom.
* The Carol Duvall Show (?/?/1994, HGTV)
        Sergio appeared in episode #124 to show Carol and her guest Heloise
        how to make a simple cartoon drawing. He also drew Alfred E. Neuman.
"George of the Jungle" (1997, Dir: Sam Weisman)
        The 1960s cartoon series is brought to life in this action-adventure
        comedy. Sergio is listed as one of two cartoonists for this movie.
        The only animation/cartooning appeares in the opening of the movie,
        and many of Sergio's contributions stand out.

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Aragonés Related By Others

Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special #1 (Oct 1986, Fantagraphics Books)
        Groo on page 23 by Stan Sakai.
Critters #17 (Sept 1987, Fantagraphics Books)
        Groo on letters page by Amy Laughlin (fan).
Usagi Yojimbo #11 (v1) (Sept 1988, Fantagraphics Books)
        Silhouette of Groo on page 16 by Stan Sakai.
Tales Of The Beanworld #11 (1988, Eclipse Enterprises)
        Groo in "Ten Years of Comedy" on back cover drawn by Rafael Kayanan.
Amazing Heroes #174 - 175 (Dec 1989 - Jan 1990, Fantagraphics Books)
        2 part comic strip by Teri Woods on page 105. Features Groo chasing
        off the X- Men, Groo eating cheese dip, Rufferto being kicked out of
        the strip and the strip subsequently sinking. Were reprinted together
        in The Cartoonist #1 (Nov 1997, Sirius/Dogstar Press), on page 10, but
        reformatted with some disordered panels.
Amazing Heroes #187 (Jan 1991, Fantagraphics Books)
        Groo cameo in story by Stan Sakai. Reprinted in UY Book Five
        (Aug 1992, Fantagraphics), and The Art of Usagi Yojimbo
        (Apr 1997, Radio Comix). Reprints cover of Epic Groo #70.
Amazing Heroes Prevew Special #10 (Feb 1990, Fantagraphics Books)
        Groo and Rufferto on cover by R. Hedden & T. McWeeney.
Marvel Age #87 (Apr 1990, Marvel Comics)
        Caricature of Mark Evanier dressed as Groo on back cover March
Luann (Aug 05, 1990, North America Syndicate)
        By Greg Evans. Groo made an appearance in one frame of this daily
        newspaper comic strip.
Usagi Yojimbo #27 (v2) (Mar 1991, Fantagraphics Books)
        Groo on letters page by Wade Cash (fan).
* Damage Control #4 (v3) (Sept 1991, Marvel Comics)
        Groo by ? on page 27.
MAD #300 (Jan 1991, EC Publications)
        Groo in MAD Fold-In by Al Jaffee. Reprinted in MAD Fold This Book! A
        Ridiculous Collection of Fold-Ins (1997, Warner Books)
MAD #310 (Apr 1992, EC Publications)
        Two small Tom Hachtman caricatures of Sergio on front cover.
Groo The Wanderer song (1993, Animals Records)
        By the Brazilian hardcore band "Dirty Job".
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (1993, Harper Collins Books) @p56
        By Scott McCloud. Groo by McCloud on p4 & SA illustration on p56.
Usagi Yojimbo #4 (v2) (Sept 1993, Mirage Studios)
        Groo on letters page by Darren Glenn (fan).
Luann (Jul 31, 1994, North America Syndicate)
        By Greg Evans. A Sergio MAD marginal is imitated in this daily
        newspaper comic strip that appeared in the Sunday color comics
Hustler (Sept 1995, LFP Inc.)
        Features a 13 page parody of MAD magazine including 9 X-rated
        marginals in Aragones style.
Groo Trading Cards: Images of Groo #1 - 9 (1995, Image/WildStorm)
        Interpretations of different Groo characters by different Image
* The Mighty Image #2, 3, ? (Jul/Aug 1995 - ?, Image)
        Aragones & Evanier did the first installment of a serialized (2 pages
        per issue) Mighty Magnor story in #1. These issues are done by other
Ultraforce Avengers #1 (Fall 1995, Malibu)
        Groo and Mighty Magnor on page 35 by George Perez.
The Big Book of the Unexplained (1997, Factoid Books/Paradox Press)
        By Doug Moench. Groo and Sergio appear in a story by Rick Parker on
        page 82.
Wizard #73 (Sept 1997, Wizard Press)
        Drawing of Groo and Rufferto by reader Zak Lowry who won a contest
        for suggesting Groo and Rufferto as action figures.
The Whole Enchilada #1 (Winter 1998, AKF Comics)
        Groo by Nate Piekos on page 3.

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