"Groo For Sale"

Dark Horse Presents Annual: DHP Jr., August 1999 ($4.95) (Dark Horse Comics)
"I am a wand'ring minstrel and I'm here to bring to you-
A tale from the early days and childhood of Groo.
It's all about a woman who exploited helpless youth-
And didn't know enough to know one simple, basic truth.
You cannot run a business and expect it to succeed-
When offering a product that makes people tend to bleed.
A most intriguing enterprise was guaranteed to fail-
When Granny got the notion she could offer...
Groo for sale."

"The moral of this story is an easy one to heed
For children should be uninvolved in acts of naked greed.
And as for Groo, he's older now and we can see he's got
The body of an adult and the wisdom of a tot....

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Dialogue

Note: An 8 page story featuring Li'l Groo. Also the only Groo story ever to be published in B/W.

Reprinted in: Groo 25th Anniversary Special (Dark Horse)

Known Characters Appearing: Granny Groo, Li'l Groo, The Minstrel.

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