Epic #103, August 1993 ($2.25)
"We need to build more prisons,
is an often-uttered cry.
Most people want them everywhere-
(Except, of course, nearby.)"

"Where there are hearts of gold,
there is no need for bars of steel."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Warden

Short Story: Rufferto, The Sage.

Known Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Quotes from The Sage:
    "The fisherman harvests the sea as the farmer harvests his fields!"
    "One man cannot solve all the problems of the world!"
    "To not act to stop a misdeed is but one step from the misdeed itself!"
    "The scent of the sea calls a man with the loudest of voices!"

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