"Groo and the Monks"

Epic #15, May 1986 ($0.75)
"There never was a hero
Who was quite as dumb as Groo.
His I.Q. totalled zero,
Give or take a point or two.
When there was trouble to the West
Then Groo would sally forth.
And hurry off to do his best
Directly to the North.
A maiden once was captured
By a dragon for a feast.
And Groo was so enraptured,
He killed her and kissed the beast.
And yet, his life's an open book,
The kind that really grabs you.
That is if you can overlook,
How many times he stabs you."

"In the contest between simplicity and silence,
silence hasn't got a prayer."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Conditioner

Short story: The Minstrel's Song.

Hidden Message: Click here to spoil the fun.

Reprinted in: The Groo Dynasty (Marvel/Epic)

Known Characters Appearing: Groo.

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