"Arba and Dakarba"

Epic #26, April 1987 ($0.75)
"At first you need a daring deed-
However well intended-
Which takes too long and goes all wrong-
And with this deed is blended-
An intellect we can't detect-
A head that's full of soil-
Ingredients like lack of sense-
Will bring it to a boil-
Add clumsiness and no success-
And things to be afraid of-
You bake until it takes a spill-
And that's what Groo is made of."

"When the employee is a fool, so is the employer."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Alchemist

Hidden Message: Click here to spoil the fun.

Reprinted in: The Groo Garden (Marvel/Epic)

Known Characters Appearing: Arba & Dakarba, Groo.

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