"The Weddings of Groo"

Epic #42, August 1988 ($1.00)
"Ring the bells and throw the rice-
For Groo is getting wed.
He's marrying not once but twice-
(He doesn't use his head.)
And on this, his two weddings day-
Before he takes the spill-
We have to stop and sadly say-
This thought that makes us ill...
What kind of woman wouldn't hide-
Would say the words, 'I do?'
Imagine the most desperate bride-
Who would be Mrs. Groo."

"He who marries for money never marries for real."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Nomancer

Hidden Message: Click here to spoil the fun.

Note: "The Prince of Chichester" issue.

Reprinted in: The Groo Kingdom (Dark Horse Comics)

Known Characters Appearing: Granny Groo, Groo, Rufferto.

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