"The 300% Solution"

Epic #47, January 1989 ($1.00)
"Perhaps you've known- About the stone-
That shines with awesome power-
So crystalline, it lies within-
The bold forbidding tower.
For centuries, all those who please-
Have done their best to claim it-
But though they've tried- to get inside-
No soul has yet to tame it.
Though all of them- do crave the gem-
No seeker can succeed.
But this I know- Arcadio-
Will do the daring deed."

"What everyone wants, nobody gets,
What nobody gets, everybody wants."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Fed up with writing poems

Hidden Message: Click here to spoil the fun.

Reprinted in: The Groo Library (Dark Horse Comics)

Known Characters Appearing: Arba & Dakarba, Arcadio, Grativo, Groo, Grooella, The Minstrel, Rufferto, The Sage, Taranto.

Quotes from The Sage:
    "Finding an answer is ever a matter of finding one who knows the answer!"
    " A bargain made is a matter of honor!"
    "Only the truely incompetent never disappoint!"

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