"The Captain of Chinampa"

Epic #57, November 1989 ($1.00)
"Afloat upon the ocean-
Is a soul without a notion-
Who can cause a great commotion-
Where he goes.
He tends to bring disaster-
Some might say that he's a master-
He can make your life end faster-
Goodness knows.
He is a frequent topic-
In both climates cold and tropic-
For his brain is microscopic-
Who knows why?
So if one day you meet him-
And you think you can defeat him-
Do not stick around to greet him-
Or you die."

"Out of the worst can often come the best."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Stevedore

Hidden Message: Click here to spoil the fun.

Reprinted in: The Groo Odyssey (Dark Horse Comics)

Known Characters Appearing: Captain Ahax, Groo, Rufferto.

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