"Rufferto's Magic Wish"

Epic #77, May 1991 ($1.00)
"For every creature in the world-
each man and bird and fish...
Is perfectly entitled to enjoy
a magic wish...
Your wish can be for power or
for great, uncounted wealth...
For you to live a million years
in total, perfect health...
Your wish can be for romance
with whomever you may find...
Or simply for those moments
when you dwell in peace of mind...
But in Rufferto's cranium, but one
wish has been planted...
The one he never dared to dream
could possibly be granted."

"No magic gnome may come to you and offer you the question-
But should you ever get a wishwe have a good suggestion.
The greatest gift to wish for if your magic wish comes true-
A friend who's as devoted as Rufferto is to Groo."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Written by

Known Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

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