"Princess Thaiis"

Epic #83, November 1991 ($1.00)
"By the river in the valley
All the evil forces rally-
As we head for the finale-
Of our play.
Years and years, they've been confounded-
By the princess who has hounded-
Those who now have her surrounded-
Every way.
As our tale is resuming-
All ill feelings are exhuming-
And a battle grand is looming-
Now in store.
Though it may seem like we're preaching-
Great endurance, we are teaching-
To the folks who now are reading-
Chapter Four."

"Queen Tropa's abdication-
(And the true queen's coronation)-
Are both cause for celebration-
And the glory.
But the courage and the breeding-
Shown by she who is now leading-
Can't compare with all those reading-
This whole story.
It took nerves and courage, steely-
To read all four chapters freely-
Why you did it, we can't really-
Don't sell this book or trade it-
Though you struggled to evade it-
It appears that you have made it-

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Glad it's over

Note: Part four of the Thaiis story.

Known Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto, The Sage, Thaiis.

Quotes from The Sage:
    "Wealth nurtures all memories!"
    "Life is one surprize after another!"
    "Hesitation leads to devastation!"

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