"The Fountain of Youth Part Two"

Epic #93, September 1992 ($2.25)
"In every life, there comes a phase-
In which we dream of begone days.
Of when our time was daily spent-
In pastimes much more innocent.
The daily news, we didn't note-
Since we were much to young to vote.
The prize of bread and meat and tea-
They mattered not to you and me.
The outside world could be in flames-
We were content to play our games.
A peaceful moment in our past-
And what a shame it couldn't last."

"As you search for youth, take care that it is not passing you by."

Story Summary: [Still to come]

Mark Evanier: Working with a cold (Getting better)

Short Story: Rufferto, The Sage, Rufferto.

Note: Part Two of two.

Known Characters Appearing: Arba & Dakarba, Arcadio, Chakaal, Groo, Grooella, The Minstrel, Pal & Drumm, Rufferto, The Sage, Taranto.

Quotes from The Sage:
    "Opportunity is a golden moment!"
    "Never engage in battle when you are not at full strenght!"
    "Life is never so dark it cannot get darker!"
    "Never ask that around Groo... For he will always show you..."
    "The black cloud of a fire is the darkest mood of nature!"
    "Preserve that which precedes you in the world!"
    "Many are blind who refuse to see..."
    "Stay not a moment past when you are useful!"

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