The Life of Groo

Graphic Novel, March 1993 ($8.95) (Epic Comics)
"Heroes should be brave and bold-
(That is, at least, what we are told.)
Heroes should be strong and smart-
Plentiful in brains and heart.
Heroes should be most efficient-
But there's one a tad deficient...
One who's not as wise as Plato-
(Or as bright as a potato.)
One who's not a Hercules-
(But has a taste for dips of cheese .)
One who's not a Thor or Zeus-
(Though stronger than your average goose.)
One who's not a hero true-
(You know by now I sing of Groo.)
People often ask of me-
Exactly how he came to be.
So sit back now as I amaze-
With tales of his early days.
You may get ill or even sob-
(I'm sorry, folksm but it's my job.)
I'm going to take you back in time-
Back to an era, most sublime.
It was a happy time to view-
Because there was, as yet, no Groo."

"Sorry, no moral."

Story Summary: The tales of Groo's childhood. You learn why he's got no brain, why Grooella hates him and so on. A must in every Groo collection.

Mark Evanier: Written by

Note: You see a picture of Grooella as a young lady. You also get to meet Groo's Parents.

Reprinted in: The Life of Groo (Graphitti Designs), The Death & Life of Groo Ltd HC (Graphitti Designs)

Known Characters Appearing: Li'l Arba & Dakarba, Granny Groo, Groo, Grooella, Li'l Groo, Li'l Grooella, The Minstrel, The Sage, Taranto.

Quotes from The Sage:
    "The way to deal with problems is to not allow them to be problems!"
    "Problems are not problems if you can solve them!"
    "The wise man knows when to use his head and when to use his feet!"
    "Children are like elephants.. Fun to look at when you are not the owner!"
    "The best hiding place is in plain sight!"
    "Gathering toghether in defense often makes only one large target!"
    "The tyrant is always architect of his own downfall!"

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