Sergio Aragonés Groo Le Barbare #1

Zenda Editions, January 1991 (359 BEF)

French Title: Groo Et L'Ambassadeur

English Version: Groo And The Ambassador, Epic #22.

Mark Evanier: Decodeur

Morale: "Chaque homme est unique, mais certains sont plus unique que d'autres."

French Title: Groo Contre Pal et Drumm

English Version: Groo Meets Pal 'n' Drumm, Epic #23.

Mark Evanier: Prolocuteur

Morale: "Le monde n'est qu'un je de hassard ou rien n'est certain, excepte que les tricheurs finissent toujours par perdre."

Note: The cover is similar to that from Marvel #22, except Groo is scratching his head confusedly and the army in the background is laughing at Groo. There are little 'marginals' of Groo on all the pages. The intro by Sergio in Marvel #1 appears in this 2-story, hardcover, 'bande-desine'. Mark Evanier told me that Sergio Aragonés and team never got a cent from this book.

I wish to thank Ruben Arellano for helping me with this information.

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