Groo der Wanderer, Groo der Blahbar

In Germany, only 9 issues in 2 volumes were ever printed. Additionally the German EPIC-comics published the Groo story from Epic-illustrated #27.

Note: The German Edition of The Most Intelligent Man in the World TPB was released on July 20, 1999, with a coverprice of DM 16.90.

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Miscellaneous Information

Some German Groo trivia:

  • The rhyming Minstrel was equally rhyming in German, though not consistently.
  • Most Sage stories and all Groo books received a new German title for unknown reasons.

    Translations used:

    As any fool can plainly see

    Wie jeder Volltrottel sehen kann

    Cheese dip




    Did I err ?

    Sorry, no German equivalent :-(

    Groo does what Groo does best

    Groo tut, was Groo am besten tut



    The Sage

    Zan der Weise


  • Tom Luth and Gordon Kent are mentioned as originals colorists.
  • Mark Evanier is mentioned as having written the original text.
  • Since Groo was rewritten and reinked, Stan Sakai is not mentioned in the credits.


  • Unlike Sergio’s publishers (except maybe Image Comics) the German publisher still exists as:

  • Chief editor Harald Seemann still is a freelance editor for Conpart-Verlag

    I wish to thank Andreas 'MAD-Andy' Mueller for providing me with this information.

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