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What are the future plans for Groo?

Groo is currently published by
Dark Horse

Be sure to check out the News Section for news about future publications.

Who is behind Groo the Wanderer?

Picture of Sergio Aragones

Sergio Aragonés:

Mark Evanier:

Stan Sakai:

Tom Luth:

What other work have Sergio Aragonés done?

Ruben Arellano is maintaining *The Unofficial Sergiography*. This is a list over a whole lot of Sergio's appearences. Since this is a BIG list, I've included it in two different versions:
  1. View the html-formatted version
  2. View/download the plain text version

Please send any additions, corrections, criticisms, etc. to Ruben on the E-mail address above.

Latest version: March 31, 1998.

What are the current stats for Groo?

These stats were taken from Mark's summary in Marvel/Epic #120, and updated to include the Image Groo's. There might be some errors in the list, so feel free to send correction to me, and I'll update the list.

Number of issues of Groo: 141
Number of Front covers: 158
Number of inside front cover gags: 46
Number of pages of Groo adventures: 2828 (Estimated)
Number of issues done without Mark and Stan: 1
Number of pages of sage adventures: 30
Number of pages of Rufferto adventures: 42
Number of pages of Arfetto adventures: 1
Number of pages of Minstrel adventures: 6
Number of pages of Li'l Groo adventures: 6
Number of pages of Arba and Dakarba adventures: 3
Number of pages of Pal n' Drum adventures: 4
Number of puzzle pages: 29
Number of issues in chronicles : 6
Number of new pages drawn for Groo Chronicles: 30
Number of Groo Graphic novels: 2
Number of new pages in Graphic novels:128
Number of Groo paperback reprint books: 7
Number of new pages drawn for paperback reprint books: 28
Number of pages of Groo appearing in Epic Magazine: 4
Number of mentions of cheese dip in comic: 88
Number of mentions of mulching in comic: 27
Number of people who have been Editor of Groo: 6
Number of moments of redeeming literary value: 0
Number of letters received for letters page: 15,250 (Estimated)
Number of letters received that were funnier than the comic: 15,211 (Estimated)
Number of letters received for page not from Malcolm Bourne: 11, 289 (Estimated)
Number of letters received for letters page that were intended for another comic: 850 (Estimated)
Number of people slain by Groo: 17,601 (Estimated)
Number of publishers Groo has had: 5 (Pacific, Eclipse, Marvel, Image, Graphitti Designs)
Number of people closely involved with Groo: 4 (Tom Luth, Sergio Aragonés, Stan Sakai, Mark Evanier)
Number of jobs Mark Evanier has done: 162 (Estimated)
Number of times Mark has been payed: 1 (Image #11)

Where can I find the secret messages?

Several of the Groo Comics have a hidden message somewhere in the story. Below are a list over the messages I know of. Just click on the item and you'll have the opportunity to know where you can find them.

PS! If you know of any hidden messages in Groo comics that I don't have listed here, please let me know.

What exactly is "mulching"?

"Mulching" was a running joke in Groo-Grams (The letterpage in Groo) when Groo was published by Marvel/Epic, and had no meaning at all. But for those of you who miss it, (Can't see why..), here is the definition in both English and Spanish.

The Definition of Mulching in English:

"Mulching is a process of inbred fertilization which employs certain decomposed organic materials-- including, but not limited to animal sediment-- to blanket an area in which vegetation is desired. The procedure enriches the soil for stimulated plant development while, at the same time, preventing erosion and decreasing the evaporation of moisture from the ground."

The Definition of Mulching in Spanish:

"Mulching" es un proceso de ferilization que emplea ciertos materiales organicos en decomposicion-- incluyendo pero no linitando sedimentos de origen animal-- recubrir una area en la cual se desea vegatacionn. El proceso enriqueze la tierra estimulando el desarrollo vegetal minetras wue al mismo tiempo prevee la erosion y disminuye la evaporacion de humedad en el terreno"

How much are the Groo comics worth?

These are the prices from WIZARD #78,
February 1998.

As you can see, this list is not complete, but it's all I have access to at the moment. If you happen to have a more complete list, please send it to me, and I'll update it this list.

Where can I get American Groo Comics in Norway?

Simen Josefsen, of Outland, has several good Comic shops in Norway. He's got a good deal of comics and nice prices. (I wouldn't have managed to get my collection so complete without his help. Thanks Simen.)

Telephone: (Norway) 22 17 70 10 (Int.) +47 22 17 70 10.

How many stories has there been made?

Have made a summary over the stories published about Groo and friends. This list is fairly big, so I've included it in two different versions.

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